Big Fee Ripoffs: The Worst Charities

It is during the holiday season that people become more inclined towards charities, in general. However, deciding upon the organization that they must select to donate to comes by as a complicated task in many cases.

The options at a donor’s disposal are sure to be many. One may even come across a number of charitable organizations that work towards supporting a common cause. However, a donor may find it difficult to make sure that his donations are going down the right channels. He would intend to figure out avenues that put his funds to use in the most lucrative of ways.

There are some ways of making a donation in the requisite way. To get started, one must conduct a research of an organization’s financials. Then, donating over the phone may not be the best idea.

There are a number of things that one must keep in mind.

It is always better to have some sort of an idea about the charitable organization’s working. So one can make a start with figuring out the ways a charitable organization has operated in the past, and how it meets its goals in the present time. It is best if the organization has a clear mission statement.

It is then preferable not to donate over the phone. This is because the telemarketer is ultimately calling you for a personal profit. He will get to keep a section of your donation. Instead, one must go research for an organization online and make a donation online. Giving away one’s information over the telephone is not desirable.

Then, one must have some sort of an idea about the charitable organization’s financials. In case the organization has transparent dealings, one would be able to figure out its financial information over the website. This will inform one more about the ways in which his money is going to be used.

Upon making a donation to a charitable trust, it is best to follow up, see how well they are able to use the money and get some kind of a feedback. It is okay to support a good charity iteratively. It encourages the good ones to keep up the good work.

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