Is the Syrian crisis getting better or worse?

The Syrian crisis now comes across as a catastrophe, and is something that now involves a number of major powers in the world.

The crisis started in March, 2011 when peaceful protests had up surged through the country. They were a part of Arab Spring uprisings. The protests called for Assad to take up democratic reforms. The government, in turn responded with violence.

A few of the protestors then joined hands with military defectors in order to form Free Syrian Army. The Free Syrian Army intended to overthrow the Syrian government.

By 2012, this came across as a prominent civil war.

Russia had long been in support of Assad government. It is believed that Russia had played an important role in creating modern Syrian military. 

Across the Middle East, Assad is one of the strongest allies of Vladimir Putin. Hence Russia has hindered international actions over Syria by exercising their veto rights in the UN.

With a military intervention in 2015, Russia and the U.N. Security Council changed the course of war in Assad’s favor. Russia has also backed Assad’s claims, that he has not used chemical weapons in the war. Russia presents the events as ‘staged’.

Haley, in turn has accused Russia of enabling Assad. Further sanctions have been promised over Russia.

When we consider the United States, U.S. was reluctant to become too involved with Syria. One of the reasons for the same was the Islamic State militant group.

When the militant group gained a foothold in the country, US launched airstrikes over the group. US had then sent over troops in Syria, and 2,000 of them are presently deployed over there. Another important reason is that U.S. has punished Assad government for using chemical weapons over civilians.

U.S had defined chemical weapons a red line that prompts military action. Similarly, the U.N. Security Council had told Assad to destroy his chemical weapons, and then sign the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prevents countries from piling up and using chemical weapons.

Nevertheless, reports of use of chemical weapons have surfaced thereafter. U.S. has then conducted a cruise missile attack on Syrian airbase.

While Trump expresses that Syria mission has been accomplished with defeat of the militant group, experts believe that it will grow stronger and violent over time.

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