Why Charity Water Gets Our Pick of the Month

Charity Water has made the rounds in Hollywood and the mainstream media. In fact one of the biggest faces in Hollywood – Will Smith – stood very strongly behind it. So what makes Charity Water so different from so many other charities that we see around.

Well let’s start at the beginning.

In Africa. A country whose name is practically synonymous with charity. There are more charities trying to help the impoverished in Africa than any other country.

Charity Water is another one of those charities – however there are certain things that make it special.

For starters – Charity Water doesn’t have an administrative cost to bear. In other words there is a single backer that funds all the administrative cost involved in Charity Water’s operations – which means that every time you make a donation – that donation goes directly to aid with Charity Water’s projects – and not on things like paying for office rent or supplies for the charity office.

The next advantage of Charity Water is what they do – rather than traditional charities that focus on just delivering food to Africa or other supplies – Charity Water is all about helping Africans improve their lives through their own efforts by helping them get access to clean drinking water.

Many people don’t know about how a person’s life can change when they don’t have to walk for 6 hours every day just to get some water. By installing water irrigation in a town – that town can now spend more time growing food – and that extra food can then be taken to the market and sold for a profit.

The profit that is made can then be used to enroll children in school and provide them with better opportunities.

Charity Water is high up on our list – and we will endeavor to work with them and connect them with the right people in our contact list to ensure they grow and spread their message across the world.

There are many projects that Charity Water is engaged in – and one of its biggest initiatives and focuses right now is for the local population to take over the building of the water wells in the country. Right now there are still contractors that have to oversee the projects – and there are labourers that are hired to help their communities – however these laborers are being trained up to take over these projects.

Charity Water’s hope is that the more self sustaining this can become – and the more dependent it can become on the local population it will end up being a win-win for everyone. The local population will have more jobs and it will be cheaper to fund the projects.

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