• Not the SAME Sustainability

    Not the SAME Sustainability

    May 20, 2013

    The beautiful children of Keholani Village outside of Pretoria, South Africa greet each day’s sunrise with a significant set of challenges. Most of the orphans of Keholani live with the unrelenting struggles including illness, severe poverty, dehydration and malnutrition. They are quick to hold your hand or reach for a hug and will gladly share […]

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  • Armless Ethiopian Carpenter Sintayehu Tishale Uses Feet To Work Handily With Tools

    July 25, 2011

    A carpenter in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, works so handily with tools that you’d never guess he made his stylish tables and chairs with his feet. He’s Sintayehu Tishale, and this 42-year-old woodworker has been hammering away as one of the area’s finest craftsmen for more than 20 years, according to Barcroft Media, a British news […]

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  • To Mama with Love

    January 4, 2011

    Send a shout of love to your Momma and help invest in a Mama who is making a huge impact in Tanzania. To Mama with Love is a collaborative online art project that honors moms and raises funds. The funds that are raised are given to Mama Lucy Kamptoni. These funds will be used by […]

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  • Life with a Bike – Gifting independence

    November 18, 2010

    Zambia, Africa: Meet the organization that has given over 71,000 Bicycles to people who are struggling in underdeveloped regions. World Bicycle Relief is on a mission to provide access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles. This simple mode of transit vastly improves productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities. A bike increases […]

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  • FLOW, an app to ensure water wells are working

    November 16, 2010

    Fresh water for Africa, not a new concept and its being done extremely well by many groups all over the continent, but what happens after the pump or well is installed? Who keeps track of if the well or pump breaks, or if no one is using it, or what if more than the expected […]

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  • Light Gives Heat

    November 15, 2010

    Empowering Africans through the encouragement of economic sustainability and creative endeavors and motivating people in the West to “be the change they want to see in the world” is the mission of Light Gives Heat. Their hope is to see Africa rebuilt and renewed from the inside out and to see people in the West live […]

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