Roofs to Roots

Grand Rapids, Michigan has been voted one of the biggest turn around cities in the nation. Since early 2004, Grand Rapids made a point to knock out homelessness and make it a priority. The goal was not only to fix the problem at hand but the future of this horrible circumstance that recently became the norm. This is where the Grand Rapids Area Coalition to End Homelessness sprung from the dirt. The coalition created a 10-year plan that would attempt to decrease homelessness as quickly as possibly. Driven by Janay Brower, a Grand Rapids local who runs a consulting firm, the program has found its footing in the community.¬†With more than 10 years of experience in leading, Janay hascoordinated and facilitated large-scale, community collaborative and systems that are meant to make an impact. This non-profit organization has created a team of community rebuilders who have gained a large amount of supporters and partners. The GRACEH has a goal to change peoples minds who don’t understand homelessness, which will then change the system. This can be achieved by¬†expanding the supply of affordable, quality, and permanent housing and assisting people to secure adequate income to afford and maintain housing. As the 10-year mark approaches it will be interesting to see where the Coalition takes Grand Rapids in the future.