There is not a lot to get excited at when looking at the PaperGator, it looks a lot like your average dumpster. The PaperGator, however is no average dumpster as it not only helps the environment, but helps nonprofit churches and schools earn money. Look around your home; do you have old papers lying around? Phonebooks? Magazines? Junk mail? Instead of throwing these items away in your trash, you could be helping out your local church or school and the environment.

The paper collected in each nonprofit’s dumpster is picked up by BPV Environmental in Michigan and Quincy Recycle in Indiana depending which state the dumpster is located in. Each nonprofit will then be paid quarterly for the amount of recyclable paper collected. The collected paper will be used to create products like pet litter, animal bedding, insulation and lawn care products. Recycling paper to produce products like these will help significantly reduce the amount of paper sitting in landfills and will reduce the number of trees cut to produce these types of products.

Currently PaperGators can be found at churches and schools throughout West MichiganMid Michigan and Northeast Indiana. Nonprofit churches and schools can obtain a PaperGator by filling out an application on the PaperGator website and meeting a few criteria points. Each nonprofit is responsible for promoting their PaperGator to students, attendees and community members. The PaperGators does not cost anything for the nonprofits to have and will not be responsible for having the PaperGator emptied.

So next time think twice before you throw away your unneeded paper and take the time to drop them off at a PaperGator and help out your local church or school and the environment.


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