(Ann Arbor, Michigan) – On Friday, August, 10, every patient at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital will receive a special gift from Bedside Healers — a plush stuffed animal with an innovative design that allows patients to attach these animals with a Velcro strap to hospital beds, IV poles, or even a child’s wrist.

Bedside Healers is the brainchild of Fraser High School teacher Jason Peach whose father spent six months in the hospital in 2001. “During my father’s hospital stay, a stuffed animal became very important to him. Every time it was inadvertently moved, his anxiety level increased,” said Peach. His father’s experience inspired Peach to create this unique solution to make any patient’s hospital stay more comfortable by keeping that stuffed animal nearby.

Though Bedside Healers™ are available for sale online, Peach is committed to ensuring that patients with limited financial resources are also able to find comfort in these unique creations. Peach will present the stuffed animals to patients at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at 10am Friday, August 10, fulfilling one of the primary goals of his company.

A variety of stuffed animals are available including the Golden Lab, the Black Bear, and the Heart-Nosed Puppy. Bedside Healers is also able to custom design an animal to provide comfort and cheer to a sick family member or friend.

More information about Bedside Healers is available at www.bedsidehealers.com, or through this video at http://bit.ly/NXBqcL.


For more information about Bedside Healers, please visit the web site at www.bedsidehealers.com or contact Jason Peach at (855)5-Healer.