Life After Death, Rachel Beckwith

Rachel Beckwith was about to turn 9, and she wanted to make an impact with a goal of raising $300 on her birthday. Instead of asking for the coolest new toy, this soon to be 9-year-old, gave up her birthday and asked for donations to her Charity:Water page. She raised $220.

And then tragedy happened. Rachel was involved in a car accident and doctors were unable to save her.

Then news spread about her birthday wish, the link to her donation page was shared, and now her goal of $300 has been passed. Her effort, her selflessness and impact has raised over $170,000.

$170,00. Wow. We are saddened by her tragedy and can’t help but smile at the positive outcome and impact of this amazing 9-year-old.

Read the full story, click here.

Make a donation, visit Rachel Beckwith’s My Charity:Water page.