LA Community Helps Save Gilliam’s Dog Big

With all of the negativity in today’s reporting, some might say the world has been getting darker, But we’ve found some light.

On Thursday, May 16th, citizens of Los Angeles had saved a local homeless man’s service dog.

Gilliam had been living on the streets for several years, most of which included the presence of his 11 year old dog; a Golden Retriever/Terrier named Big. While most eleven year old dogs are not in their prime, Big had been pushing the limits of lethargy for quite some time.

Worried about his faithful service dog, Gilliam set his pride aside and created a sign in hopes of raising money for a surgery a local vet had suggested. Although Big’s surgery bill was incredibly high (due to the removal of a tumor) sympathetic animal lovers, both local and nationwide, donated to the Gilliam’s cause. Knowing some may feel skeptical about throwing money into a jar, Gilliam asked for hundreds of the vet’s business cards and handed them out to people on the street.

With the help of a local man, Charles Gilliam raised enough money to find out that his dog did not have a tumor (kidney stones and other ailments instead), to get the proper medication Big needed, and to buy enough specialty prescription food for the rest of Big’s life.

Charles has since decided to use the remaining amount of money raised to help other homeless people with legitimate reasons for needing the money. He claims that paying it forward, is the best kind of karma.