Grand Rapids Loves The Rapid!

Sharing perspectives
By Jasmine James

When I look around the transit (the bus stop) I see how people are comfortable sitting down talking to one another. Many riders get off their bus and stay and talk and share moments with people they see. It is nice to see everyone so comfortable with each other. It seems like the transit is another place to create another set of friends. I saw all the different ways people were interacting with each other and this made me want to interview people about why they love The Rapid.

From the perspective of other riders:

One lady that rides The Rapid everyday said that she likes “how The Rapid made it easier  to get to places for cheap.’’ She went on to say that because she doesn’t have a car and gas costs too much, she likes to ride the bus.

Another Rapid rider, Ebonie Andrews said that it is less stress on her rather than having to take her kids everywhere. She also said she is using less gas money than if she was running her kids around town. Overall, Andrews likes The Rapid, even when it comes to safety issues. When asked if she feels safe with her kids going on The Rapid she said, “yes.” She went on to explain that there are “cameras, and a lot of help if something did happen” and she feels like “my children are safe, nothing has happened all these years.’’

Creating friendships:

One of my own experiences from riding the bus is that it’s cheap and I can pay for it but also, I meet some cool people that are now my really close friends. One time, I was waiting at the bus stop and this girl was sitting next to me and I asked her who did her hair because it’s really pretty. She told me that she did her own hair. Then we got on the bus and she gave me her number so I called her and ever since that day she has been my closest friend.

I also met a homeless lady on the bus who was very kind and I got to know her. One day I brought her clothes that my mom couldn’t fit into anymore and she was very happy. I saw her on the bus every day after that and we continue to talk every time I see her. The Rapid helped me find, and help, a new friend.

Take a ride:

If you haven’t ridden the bus, and one day you decide to try the experience, just go outside and look around for a bus stop. I suggest figuring out the time the bus comes and ride it all the way to the Central Station in downtown Grand Rapids. Then when you get there you can always transfer to another bus. I believe that everyone should give riding the bus a chance! It’s less expensive (only a $1.50 per ride), and it gets you where you need to go in Grand Rapids. It is a really nice system. I think for those people that haven’t ridden the bus before, they should give it a try. I think they would like it. Grand Rapids loves The Rapid!

Michael Applewhite
Samaria Torres
Cheilynn Rosario
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