GiveCamp Gives Grand Rapids Technology

GiveCamp is a weekend event in Grand Rapids, Michigan where volunteer technology professionals and local non-profit organizations come together to improve and create new solutions for each non-profit group.

On the Friday of the GiveCamp weekend, teams are divided up into groups of five or six and matched with an organization. Over the course of the weekend the teams work diligently on marketing strategies, website design and updates, social media strategies and even database assistance.  Non-profits are usually on a strict budget when it comes to such technical solutions. Costs could be ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 per project, so the GiveCamp weekend is a good way to save money, create relationships, and improving the way our local non-profits are getting their message out!

GiveCamp is in its fourth year running. It takes place October 26th through 28th.  Volunteers are needed anywhere from project managers, design, writing, helping to clean up and even people to run errands. The event is also looking for donations for food, parking, and general operating expenses for he event. If you was interested in being involved go to website for more details!