Annie’s Ruff House Rescues Tornado Pets


O.K. Tornado Recovery: But what do we do with the Pets?

The recent tornado to hit Oklahoma was devastating, to say the least.  As Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations are rolling in to help the victims of the storms, victims are fighting through both heartache and physical anguish to find their families, friends, and loved ones.
On top of the mountain of problems surrounding a natural disaster victim, one question sits in the back of their mind; “Where are our pets”?  As any animal-lover would know, losing your pet in a storm is like losing a child in a mall- extremely disconcerting and worrisome.
There are, however, businesses such as Annie’s Ruff House that have decided to donate their time, resources, and space for the sole purpose of finding domesticated animals, taking them in, feeding them, providing medical attention, and uploading pictures and descriptions online to their rescue website.  Annie’s Ruff House is, under normal circumstances, is a boarding facility for dogs and cats, and is a for-profit, privately owned business.  For this disaster, however, Annie’s Ruff House is digging into their own pockets to help save the disaster victims’ pets.
Other businesses are also standing up to help in the wake of Annie’s decision.  The charitable actions of these businesses are helping to lift a huge burden off of people’s shoulders.